Our Classrooms

Rainbow Room

11 -23 months

Our goal is to meet the individual needs of your little one! Along with feeding, changing, and normal daily routines for your baby, we will also be working on your child's milestones, using gestures to communicate, building vocabulary, walking, and much more.

Star Room

Two Year Class

In our fun, interactive playroom your two-year-old will be able to focus on the beginning stages of learning their letters, colors, and shapes. They will also be working on their fine motor skills while learning how to interact with others in Christ-like ways. We will also be starting the process of potty training and supporting what families are doing at home.

Orange Room

Three Year Class

***Potty Trained Preferred***

In our 3-year-old room, your child will be fully involved in our preschool routine. Children engage in a number of group activities and circle time, which allows your child to learn plenty of verbal and social skills. There is also daily free time which will help your child develop the skills for independence. We hope that our 3yr olds are potty trained by the time they enter this room, but are here to support kids who are still in training!

The curriculum incorporated includes Abeka and Orange, which are both faith-based programs.

Elementary Before/After School Care

Our before/after school program is open to children in kinder - 5th grade. We are within the boundaries of Lake Ridge Elementary and Idaho Arts Charter. Breakfast is served in the morning from 7:20 am - 8:00 am for those who catch the bus to school, and after-school care is open until 6:00 pm. Our goal is to support social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development all while providing a safe and supportive environment for youth in our community. For more information, please contact the Director, Amber Overstreet, at 208-467-2178.

Music Room

Included in Kid's Stuff Programs

We are excited to provide a musical experience for all of our classrooms, ages 1 - 4yrs old. Amount of time and schedule depends on room/age.

Purple Room

Four Year Class

In our 4-year-old preschool/daycare class, we continue to build on your child’s early learning/foundational skills and follow the Idaho early learning standards. We encourage children to learn at their own pace and follow a daily routine that meets individual needs. We continue to utilize the Abeka and Orange curriculum, both faith-based programs, to meet the needs of your 4-year-old, all while making sure your child is ready for Kindergarten. Half-day and full-time options are available for our four-year-olds.

Our Curriculum:


  • Each child is challenged at an age-appropriate level where they can experience early success.

  • Daily schedules rotate between the Abeka curriculum, Think Orange, play-based learning, and guided centers (developed by teachers) to meet the needs of children in their class.

Opportunities for Kiddos in our Program:

  • Reach developmental milestones that are built upon yearly.

  • Participate in mission projects that are age-appropriate & connect children to our community.

  • Participate in weekly chapel

  • Provide a full-time daycare option with intentional practices throughout the full day.