Kids & Teens

First time visiting? Here's how it works!

Whether you’re checking your child in for Kids Worship or childcare in the nursery, look for Amber or another dedicated staff member with a white name-tag; they’ll direct you to where you can check in. After you’re comfortable with the environment and volunteers, your child will receive a name tag and a welcome gift. In the event that we would need to contact you during worship, you will receive a text message on your cell phone. We ask that you exit the sanctuary and head straight to your kid’s space and look for a staff member or servant volunteer.

After worship, our team will be in touch with you to check on your visit and offer an opportunity to register your child for quick check-in when you return again!

What to expect: 

At 10:00 am every Sunday, your child will experience a fun and safe environment where they can learn about God’s plan for them with kids their own age. This includes games that match our theme of the week, hearing a Bible story, and engaging in age-appropriate praise and worship. With their small group leaders and friends, your child will start to create memories and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Whether you’re a single parent, grandparent, guardian of foster kids, married for 20+ years with adult children, or starting at your first newborn…we’re here to help you follow Jesus, so you can be who your kids believe you to be. We use an integrated strategy called Orange. It’s when Red (the heart of the home) meets Yellow (the light of the Church).  We provide a safe space to grow and heal while providing tools to help you become a better you. The kids you love will find a place to belong and make a difference along the way.

Curriculum for home: